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Campaign Primer

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Ok so here is where it gets a little weird, this story is a long time in the works and will eventually be a series of books.
(WIP will finish later)
Known races of xenos:
Apperance; range in height from 7-9 feet tall with a body structure similar to that of the north american grizzly bear-think yeti!-. Have a thick coat of fur varying in color from browns to contrasts of blacks and greys. Large claws and sabre like teeth recommend a carnivorous or omnivorous diet.
Society; A extremly nationalist society believing in slavery as the basis of their social structure, their own race as well as dozens of conquered races make up the lowest section of society. an individual almost exclusivly the Pahbor race can elevate themselves beyond this low class through a period of servitude or contribution to their race.
Technology; Although having a general tech level equivalent to 7 with 9 advances. Early on in their history the Pahbor enslaved a more sophisticated race and ever since when conquering a world they add tech from a society to theirs. Most of the adaptions of technology are crude and bulky, often relying on mechanical systems over electrical.
Earth relations; Invaded in the mid 21st century. Far from their usual operations the Pahbor invaded earth based on an outrage of a previous Pahbor expantion attempt. The Pahbor had sent young Pahbor in cryosleep to outlaying systems with the intention of establishing colonies and once the main force arived up to a century later they asumed planets would be ripe for the taking . Earth recieved one such ship that was set adrift and woke at the detection of a inhabitable planet. They landed and found that the cryo process was flawed with their genetic code stunting their development. The Pahbor overtime becoming what is known on earth as a 'Guinea Pig'.

aperance; 2-3 foot tall creature, covered in brown furs and have a stubbed tail. Ears point out from their bodies at about 1 foot. Have a set of four sharpened teeth that constantly grow similar to earth rodents. known to run on four legs like a quadrapad but stand when they are not at full speed.
Society; Originally they were a second sentiant species on the Pahbor homeworld, but due to their size they were eventually enslaved by the Pahbor. Generally submissive and cowardly they stay in line in the Pahbor system of slavery. When in groups or when they believe they have the advantage they are strong agressors and will fight usually in deceitful and underhanded ways.
Technology; Generally the same as the pahbor, but most tech that pahbor collect are converted and maintained by the Groll. They hover somewhere around tl9 with their greater understanding of math and sciences and generally higher comprehensions levels.

Aperance; Rabbits are 2-3 feet tall long eared creatures usually laying at their shoulders but some standup. Similar to the Groll and Pahbor they are known to run at full speed on four feet but stand on two. Essencially they are slightly larger versions of the common earth rabbit.
Society; Nationalistic, and beieving outsiders to be inferior to them. For the most part they do not even verbally converse with other races and even more rare bother to learn their languages. Rabbit society is broken down into clans which have honor conflicts with eachother frequently. Honor is held very highly in all clans of Rabbit society and duty has a high place as well. They have a high level of personal responsibility, the presence of the wild rabbit on earth is little consiquence to them, their savage cousins are considered lower than a 'true' rabbit and they have little respect for the savage creatures.
Technology; Rabbits have a tl of 9 and some tl 10. They prefer speed and subterfuge above brawn generally using air carriers and deploy small attack craft. Rabbits find conventional projectile throwers cowardly and weak as such they use melee weapons and weapons that could be drawn similar to weapons of feudal japan relying on trickery and distraction to disable and withdraw in quick strikes.
Earth relations; loose allies of humanity, the Rabbit have a millenia long blood fued with the Pahbor when they destroyed their homeworld. Rabbits will rarely ally unless it fits their own need, and anyone willing to fight the pahbor are at the very least neutral to the rabbits. Rabbits have given small tech advances and war time asistance, the rabbits believing themselves superior would rather see one thousand die to save the life of one rabbit so have little issue with providing tidbits of resources to create a front line.

Other races: Rabbits have provided Earths libraries with info on other races in the sector as part of their alliance

Society; Earth Government is in the wake of "The Guinea Pig War" dubbed by the propeganda department is now a Federation of nations that still operate. Six major provences exist each one with its own governing body, but a general government structure that convienes similar to a republic where each provence has representitives that debate laws of inter-provence comerce and policies while a millitary monach works as a second body of government usually handeling external policy the position held by Executive General Daniel Torres who has been apointed the possition due to his victories over the Pahbor threat and reuniting of mankind.
Technology; Tech is in the tl9 area with gifts from the Rabbit clans and reverse engineered Pahbor Tech allowing for TL 10 advances in weaponry and Space travel. The chief infantry weapon is the man portable rail rifle, and larger rail cannons, some laser weaponry has been developed but not much in the man portable field. Medicine and social technologies have not progressed as far due to wartime, but they are slowly catching up.

Earth timeline
1997- Pahbor probe reaches Earth
2052 April- Pahbor Invasion begins
2052 Sept- 60% of human population believed dead
2053- UN counsil negotiates combined surrender of recognized nations.
US with anexed Mexico and Canada, UK, China, and other minor nations obstain from resolution.
2054- UK borders close creating police state
2058- Majority of governments fragmented into splinter cells and micro-governments
2062- Daniel unites multiple resistance fronts in the north and south american continents
2068march- Man-portable railgun replaces the conventional gun as primary infantryman weapon
2068may- Pahbor Warchief commanding east hemisphere operations captured
2068june- Pahbor East coast regional starport captured
2068aug- First contact with Rabbits led by Lord Commisar Fluffs
2069- First spaceworthy war vessels launched
2069- Lunar base seized and new manufacturing port is established
2069- Pahbor blockade becomes sporadic
2069- Contact made with Asian resistance groups
2070- Warchief in charge of operations in Asian continent killed after long siege of Governor's palace
2072- Second generation starships completed
2073- Pahbor counter offensive on earth
2073- Pahbor and Earth forces engage in a month long battle leaving both fleets crippled
2073- Pahbor forces regroup at Titan moon base and System Warpgate
2074- United Earth Federation formed by remaining sovereign governments
2074- Pahbor Mars and venus outposts liberated and established as Earth Federation bases
2075- Third Generation starfleet finished and deployed
2075- Pahbor Jumpgate discovered, Final battle in Sol System

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