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The Starship

Post  Admin on Wed Apr 20, 2011 10:43 am

Ok finally got around to posting this :D if you dont have gurps spaceships it wont make much sense, you can buy it download it or get it from me off, it is up there if your signed up on my huddle.

UES Mozart Sparrow class Light-Cruiser

TL Spacecraft dST/HP Hnd/SR HT Move LWt. Load SM Occ dDR Range Cost
10^ Sparrow Class LC 150 -2/5 13 2/c(.05G/.8) 10000 +10 48/52 30/20/20

SM+10 250-300ft 100 yrds 10,000 tons
TL Spacecraft dST/HP Hnd/SR HT Move/LWt. Load SM Occ dDR Range Cost
10^ Sparrow Class LC150 -2/513 2/c(.05g/.8) 10000 +10 48/52 30/20/20 - -

Front: Steel dDR10 2m / Titanium Laminate dDR20 10m
Central: Titanium Laminate dDR20 10m
Rear: Titanium Laminate dDR20 10m

[1]Titanium Laminate[20 dDR] 10mil
[2]Steel armor [10 dDR] 2mil
[3]Bridge [Controlroom: computer com c9 sensors8 10 stations and 1 workspace ] 20mil
[4]Habitat [see below WS1] 10mil
[5!!] Spinal battery [Earth design uses more power but uses 2 hull sections 10gj Lasercannon 4dx10 takes 2 turn fullpwr to charge]
[6]Fuel tank

[1]Titanium Laminate [20 dDR] 10mil
[2]External Grapple 1mil
[3]Hangar Bay [300tons launch100 WS1] 1mil
[4!]Secondary Weapons Battery(x7 32cm Missle Tubes 3dx5 140torps/x2 16cm Railgun Turrets 3dx5 400bolts/x2 3mj Laser Def turrets 3d rapid )
[5!] Medium Battery [X4 20cm Railcannon Sponsons 4dx5 900bolts]
[6]Sensor Array [ sensor10 WS1] 20mil
[core!!]Internal Spinal battery [WS1]

[1]Titanium Laminate [20 dDR]
[2]Fission Reactor<1 power points WS1>
[3]Prisim Reactor<3 power points WS1>
[4-/!]Fision Reaction Drive(Dual Drive)[.01g/1.6 delta-V WS1]/Hot Reactionless Drve! [1g/c WS1]
[5!]Hot Reactionless Drive! [1g/cWS1]
[6]Fuel Tank 3mil

Emergency Ejection
Gravitic compensator(Dual system)Gravity Generator
Assault airlocks [pilot or airlock occupant of a ship in rendezvous can use as a weapon with dDMG 4d if any penetrates any occupants can disembark onto opposing ship]

Fission Reaction drive: .05G acceleration, Delta-V 1.6 mps
Hot Reactionless drive: 1G [Force bubble disallows use of weapons while in use or risk tearing the ship apart]

Briefing Room 1
Establishment 2
Lab 2 1m
Lab 2 1m
Minifac 1 .5m
Sickbay 1
Sickbay 1
Sickbay 1
Luxury Cabin 1
Luxury Cabin 1
Cabinx10 10
Bunkx8 8
Cell 1
Cell 1
Steerage cargo 25

Crew Roster
Bridge crew
First Officer
Diplomatic relations
Security officer
Science officer
Chief Engineer
Chief Medical Officer
Assault Comander
Engineering 12
Science 4
Operations 10
Medical staff 4
Security 12
Marines 6

Bridge crew
Officer 1-2
Operations 3
(Tactical situation) 5 additional

Missle tube crew
Security 6
Engineer 2
Aft Missle tube crew
Security 1
Operations 1
Railcannon Sponson crew
security 4
Railgun turret
Security 2

-normal operations-
Fore Rec center
Operations 1
Medical 2
Science 2
operation 1
Engineer 1
Engine Drives
Engineer 2

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